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Caixabank Now

CaixaBank approached Garaje de Ideas (when I was a Design Director) requesting a redesign of the new digital experience with a focus on the onmicanality (same narrative and same interaction patterns and visuals) of the most innovative bank in Europe.
Caixabank Now

Redesign proposal

New design & narratives


The Caixabank Now team is considering an omnichannel redesign to recover the space that neobanks have been gaining among the younger public. They wanted us to approach the redesign with a holistic view and requested multiple user journeys for the multi-channel approach.

As a Design Director, I proposed a completely new design that could represent the style created by Miro in his logo, where the main idea was to create experiences and stories above the channel.


Build a unique omnichannel experience for CaixaBank: design a visual code, a narrative and interaction patterns that users associate with the brand.

Marketplace TV Caixabank

A new paradigm: A bank like platform with endless integrations and possibilities, taking the user experience to a whole new level.

Design Principles

Omnichannel Narratives

Consistency in both line of sight, interaction patterns, and narrative regardless of channel.

Call to pro-action

Proposing a deferred payment or suggesting a certain month based on the prediction.

Interfaces as dialog

A close and consistent tone in all your digital channel that guides the user in achieving their tasks.

Emotional design

Through storytelling and microinteractions that connect the brand with the users.


New narratives beyond branding

A design that has movement and generates movement in people. Reinforcing the image and Brand identity using existing visual anchors and highly identificable elements such as the ATMs themselves and with an innovative and attractive storytelling to compete with neobanks.

Recover the essence of Miró: closeness, optimism and rupturism with current design trends in banking Apps (soft palettes, gradients, reliefs, skewmorphism, 3D...)

Caixabank Now New Logo


Consistency & meaning

An adaptable and functional design proposal capable of connecting the entire CaixaBank experience in all channels and with all its users. Starting from minimal elements so that it allows us to be modular, scale and quickly adapt to today's changes.
TV App recibos


Between beauty and business. Between surprise and usability. Balance between functionality and pleasure. Digital products must be useful and functional, but they must also have Kansei: they must offer pleasant and memorable experiences.

When accessing the NOW App we see our notices, news and advice from our adviser in stories format... It is a new way of consuming relevant information, capturing the attention of our users. We can postpone our receipt without intermediate steps, from the story itself.

Caixabank_mobile Aplazar un pago
Stories Caixabank

This never ends, products must evolve, iterate, optimize and adapt to the changing needs of users.