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My name is Lore. I'm a digital product (& brand) designer with experience in leading teams from the UX & CX area based in Madrid. I feel comfortable working at the intersection of strategy, data and technology to solve business problems carrying out the entire design process with an extra-punch of creativity to offer digital products that generate growth and have a positive impact on people & companies.

Managing teams
as UX-CX-UI Lead
as Product Designer
as Digital Art Director
Being Human

My design process


First, I listen, analyze and research to articulate a clear strategy, shared objectives and detailed results.

Second, defining the challenge is the most important part of the process. Everything else settles from this point, so I take the time to ask the right questions to make sure I solve the right problems.

I design with a focus on detail and excellence to guarantee the delivery of a quality final product that exceeds the expectations of my clients, always seeking a balance between function, accessibility, usability and aesthetics.

Testing and validation are extremely important. The prototypes have to be tested with real users to validate the different hypotheses.

Communication with technology must be fluid throughout the design process to be highly aligned. A good handoff process allows you to obtain higher quality products.


"Lore is not only the best designer to ever come through Garaje but the most talented designer I have ever worked with. She is honest, extremely hardworking and has a contagious love for design. A professional all-rounder who solves well Branding, copywriting and especially UX/UI challenges. Much loved by her teams, especially by the people with the most potential, whom she develops and inspires."
Carlos Maganto
CMO Garaje de Ideas
"I had the pleasure of working with Lorena for a project in the past. She has exceptional design skills and vast experience in creating great products. Her talent was recognized when the project won a prestigious Laus award, showcasing her undeniable expertise. Communication with Lorena is always smooth and efficient, and she always kept the team involved which makes it for a better end result."
Victor Garrido - Head of Tech
Judge of Awwwards
“There are people who do their job very well. And there are people who do their job very well and also transform the environment in which they work into a better place. Lore is one of the latter."
Nuria Martínez
Directora Creativa Ejecutiva D6
"His quality, energy, humility and commitment above all, I have seen it on rare occasions. It is an accumulation of unique hard and soft skills."
Victor Garrido - Head of Tech
Judge of Awwwards
“Lorena is a fantastic person, she is very intelligent. She has the power to adapt to any situation. She is curious. She has the gift of command and empathy. She is one of those people who does not go through life believing that she knows everything, she is hungry to learn and generous with what she knows.”
Gonzalo Figari - CEO
Dentsu X

Show Reel

ShowReel* 20/23

I can manage the entire design process from start to finish or join your team in the phases you need to reinforce. I've been pivoting between all the disciplines of the design process for more than 20 years: research, interaction, visual... and I have participated and led digitization processes in leading companies.

If I just can't cover all the needs of the project, I have amazing colleagues to collaborate with: researchers, service designers, developers, photographers, illustrators and motion graphers ☻

About Lore

I love the desert, the empty pools, the abandoned resorts and the micheladas with Clamato extra. Horror movies, Bauhaus and Beat Poetry from the 60s. If you want to know a little more, you can read this interview that I did at UI FROM MARS.

I’m an animal lover and I have an adopted black cat named Vudú.


Maison Vudú

Maison Vudú
Maison Vudú

Maison Vudú is my side project and refuge where I design unique, handmade and kitsch-inspired wooden crosses that mix Mexican folk with Wicca and other types of neopaganism.

Available for commissions and exhibitions. For inquiries or more information, please get in touch at maison_vudu@gmail.com

My sound track