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Chef Dani García

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Design of the new digital ecosystem (corporate site, eCommerce, Blog, and 22 brand sites) of the prestigious Chef Dani García (3 Michelin stars).

An interconnected ecosystem and supported by 3 fundamental pillars: Scalability, beauty and usability and the improvement of the booking experience.

Rational Vs Emotional

The visual line of the corporate website is the result of the business vision of the group. They intend to be a reference brand, not only in gastronomy, but also at a business level. The design conveys this vision, but also highlights the figure of chef Dani García, a point of differentiation from the competition, which brings innovation, attitude, values and authenticity.

Grupo Dani García - Moodboard
Grupo Dani García - Racional

Shopping Experience

Booking & Sales

We approached the design of the group's new e-commerce as a showcase to show and suggest to the user our products divided into 3 main categories: gift cards, experiences and merchandising (books, tableware, totebags...). We put special care in selling the experiences immersively, explaining in detail what the user is going to experience, feel and savor before, during and after.

At the same time, we had to work a lot on performance so that the purchase and reservation process was very agile and simple.

Soul, passion & personality

A digital channel consistent with the gastronomic experience offered by the group, that experience that users live when they enjoy GDG. A site where the functionality that the user needs is covered, but taking great care of the visual proposal, harmony, beauty and aesthetics that accompany the concept of Dani García.

We have a brand "Dani" with its own identity and that is reflected in the product, in the restaurants, in the decoration, in all the details... and we have to be able to transfer it to our channel.

Door to brand sites

Flexible & Scalable Ecosystem

A digital ecosystem design proposal was made that would allow it to grow as the group grows. New locations, new brands, new categories and products in e-commerce…

Dream Team

Lore Vigil-Escalera: creative director, project manager, IxD and UI of the new digital ecosystem, design corporate site (web, blog, eCommerce) and door sites.

Nacho Moreno: supervision of the all brand sites and design of the Smoked Room. Review and design of the booking process.

Santi Lobos: design and Motion of Leña, Bibo and Lobito de Mar sites. Review and design of the booking process.

Agustín Izquierdo: support in UI design and motion grapher.

Postre Dani García