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Garaje Rebranding

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After 5 years with a focus on Strategic Design, Garaje expanded its service offer with the incorporation of Data, SEO and Technology teams and new cross-sectional profiles of Product Management.
Garaje de Ideas



"Doing a 100% in-house rebranding is like self-medicating: it can be done but it is not recommended at all".

Mi role in the project, in pink. For the first phases of the branding I worked hand in hand with BOLD.


"Nonconformist" sums up our way of existing: the passion with which we get involved in projects; the ambition to go beyond what is right; the empathy and closeness with our clients; our flexibility and ability to adapt to any type of company or digital transformation project.

Visual References

85% Rationalism
15% Brutalism

The solution is a very rationalist and neutral visual system with a timeless style that would allow 85% to resist the passage of time well. So much so that the main colors are a SMOKE white and a PANTHER black. And the remaining 15% of the visual universe is a space for crazy things, trends, stickers, gifs... expendable and modifiable assets so we can play with the brand, vary it and give it that "nonconformist" note.

New responsive logo




When I began to design the illustrations and infographics, it was clear to me that they had to be very clean, simple and geometric, defining their movement and interaction patterns very well.


Photography style

Generate a visual system easy to manage

Where does the Garage brand live? The Garage brand does not live in cards or signage, the Garage brand lives in the presentations, proposals and deliverables, which is why the greatest effort from the beginning of the project was to create a system that was easy to propagate, even for "non-designers".

Create all kinds of assets and Google Slides templates (budgets, work plan, phases, methodology, graphics, timeline, team...) to reuse and speed up the generation of documents, being able to spend more time on content and less on form.

Brand Center

The Unique
Source of Truth

Lingering issues often remain after creating a new brand, such as using old brand style elements in new communications or mixing old and new brand styles.

Home Brand Center

I tried to avoid many of these problems by creating a "living" and constantly updated brand platform in Notion with templates for presentations, photo bank and assets.


We made it emotional and inspiring by applying in each material of the "Welcome Pack" the values with which we identify ourselves.

Case Macbook Garaje

Social Media

Garaje Social Media